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Local Services

City of Marion Water Department

Water is supplied by the City of Marion. The elevated storage capacity is 1,200,000 gallons. The city is served by a water treatment plant, capable of pumping 720 gallons per minute.

City of Marion Sewer Department

Primary and secondary sewage treatment is provided by the City of Marion. The treatment plant is a conventional system designed for a maximum flow of 660,000 gallons per day. The plant has an average flow of 600,000 gallons per day. Industrial waste service is also available. A new plant is currently in the design stage and anticipated to break ground in 2018.

City of Marion Fire Department

The City of Marion maintains our own Fire Department. Our Fire Department maintains a staff of 28 volunteer firemen at present.

City of Marion Police Department

The City of Marion maintains our own Police Department. Our police force includes a full time Chief and 6 full-time officers.

City of Marion-Crittenden County Municipal Airport


The Marion-Crittenden County Airport is located approximately 1 mile southwest of the City of Marion.

Crittenden County Public Library

The Crittenden County Public Library contains over 29,000 volumes, magazines, films, videos, and computers available to the public. Patrons may make use of a children's area, an adult area, a public meeting room, and computer islands. The library also provides free WIFI and operates a countywide bookmobile.

Crittenden County Board of Education

Primary through Secondary education is available inside the City of Marion.

Crittenden Health System

CHS operates a full-service primary care critical access hospital in Marion providing service to Crittenden County and beyond.

Atmos Energy - Natural Gas

Natural gas is supplied by Atmos Energy.

Kentucky Utilities Company – Electrical

Electric service is provided by KU, a part of PPL Corporation, headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Mediacom & AT&T - Telephone, Cable Television & Internet Access

Quality internet access and communication allows people to live in Marion and connect to businesses throughout the world or to live outside the community and manage business interests in town. Mediacom has a cable television franchise in Marion and provides internet access, as well as phone service. Additionally, AT&T provides telephone and internet. Numerous cell phone providers offer quality service in the area.